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Guaranteed Delicious

Our store made gelato is guaranteed delicious. Every flavor is hand crafted using only the finest ingredients.

We are always trying new flavors to add to everyone's favorites. Let us know your flavor ideas and we just may name it after you.

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What Is Gelato?

Gelato is an Italian style of ice cream made with part skim milk. It has about half the fat of ice cream and is soft and creamy because it's served at a higher temperature than traditional ice cream.

Gelato and some premium ice creams are so dense that they require a slightly higher serving temperature, a perfect point where your scoop is firm but not hard and not so soft that it melts immediately.

Gelato recipes usually include more egg yolks, more milk and less cream. It actually has less fat than regular ice cream, but gelato's low overrun makes for an extremely dense, rich and creamy treat.

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Always Something Fun!

Mountain Scoops enjoys adding an extra bit of fun into your life. Stop by for your favorite gelato, soft serve, shake, sundae, split, and more. Also enjoy your next:

  • Birthday Party
  • Office Celebration
  • After Sports Fun

Let us show you how many ways our fresh desserts can become a very sweet part of your next event. Try our special Gelato Cone Cake!

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The Mountain Scoops Team

Making Mountain Scoops gelato, soft serve, and special treats takes special peaople. Stop by to say hello and meet our fun and friendly team. If you would like just a cup of gelato, you'll get it with a warm smile. Feel like trying something a little bit more or want something large enough to share, just ask Adam for some great suggestions!

Living in Woodland Park, Colorado soes have its benefits. Order a shake, sundae, or banana split and admire the view of Pikes Peak. Your feet won't get tired and you'll enjoy the spectacular views.

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What people say about us

YA!!! MTN. SCOOPS is the bestest place ever! i go there all the time because the food is delicious and the employees are the greatest!

Jayson Brown

Where to find us?

619 West Midland Ave
Woodland Park, CO 80863.

Get in Touch With Us

We're always glad to hear from you. Please drop in, call, or use our online form to connect with us!

Phone number: 719 686-8088
619 West Midland Ave
Woodland Park, CO 80863